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With us, you're good to go!
You do not need to own any transportation mode in order to enjoy them all! Already in 12 cities in Israel and Malta. Soon, in your city!
Ride with us
Invite us to your city!
With us, you're good to go!
We provide people with a freedom to move in 12 cities in Israel and Malta |
One-Way Cars
A perfect fit for a short trip within the city. Take a car in one place and drop it in another.
Round-Trip Cars
A weekend getaway? We've got you covered - pick up a car next to your house and return to the same spot.
Go with the wind, skip the traffic and enjoy every moment of lightness. Pick a scooter in any place and drop it in any other place.
EV Bicycles
Soon to come: the best way to move around. Take our power-assisted bike and fly!
Ride them all!
Wherever you are, with a single click you can drive our cars, scooters and bikes. Yes, we're a multimodal service provider and there are more services to come!
Your phone is your vehicle
You pay as you go
And we are there for you