Privacy Policy

GoTo Global Spain S.L. ("GoTo" from now on) proposes a shared car rental service under the name GoTo. Being a GoTo member allows you to have a vehicle for hours and days, according to your choice and according to availability at the time of booking. You will be part of a community in which each member can use the chosen vehicle from 1 hour to the time they need, billing their use in fractions of a quarter of an hour, starting from the first hour. Being a member requires the acceptance of these General Conditions when registering and will allow you to use our vehicles when you need them, quickly and easily.

GoTo provides its partners with a 24-hour hotline. Vehicle assistance benefits are those provided by your insurer and by the vehicle manufacturers that make up your fleet.

The member must respect not only the vehicle, but also the other members of the club. The General Conditions set out below protect not only your own interests but also the interests of the club and other members. GoTo is committed to keeping its fleet in good working order and cleanliness, with tires in adequate condition for the circulation and safety of its members. GoTo conducts regular vehicle checks. GoTo's established procedures allow any irregularities to be quickly reported by partners and maintenance employees. The GoTo shared car rental service is based on the respect of common rules by members, and especially the reserved time slots.

To learn more about the operation of the system and the conditions you must meet as a member and tenant, we encourage you to review our frequently asked questions section, available on our website You can also send us an email to


"Partner" refers to any natural or legal person who accepts these General Conditions and who has a GoTo user account.

"User" refers to the person who accesses and browses the GoTo website ( and / or mobile application, without being registered as a Member.

"GoTo membership card" refers to the personal card given to the user from the acceptance of his registration as a member. This allows access to the previously reserved vehicle and close the vehicle once the trip is finished.

"Vehicle" refers to the fleet of vehicles made available by GoTo or the vehicle used by the member.

"Accessories" refer to all equipment that allows access to and use of the vehicle. Among them (if applicable): card, car key, car navigator remote control, card reader, radio, vehicle antenna, MP3 cable, insurance certificate, copy of vehicle registration certificate, accident declaration, car mats, spare wheel, safety vest, warning triangles.

"Member Service" refers to the telephone numbers made available to members in the car manual, on the GoTo website, on the membership card, as well as in the car card reader and that may be used, among others, to:

  • Reserve a vehicle
  • Extend or cancel a reservation
  • Any doubt or incidence

"Reservation period" refers to the time during which the member may have a GoTo vehicle according to the reservation made by phone, through the app or through the website.



    Anyone with a valid driving license in Spain for the corresponding vehicle category can register.

    If you are under 23 years of age or have a driving license issued less than 1 year ago, it will be mandatory to contract the insurance modality with a reduction of the excess of € 99, ​​at a cost of € 59.99 / year.

    The documentation necessary to register, unless otherwise specified on the website, will be the following:

    • Photograph of the driving license (valid in Spain and in force).
    • Photograph of the DNI, NIE or Passport.
    • Credit / debit card details, against which GoTo will charge for the member's uses of the carpool rental service.
    • Registration form correctly completed.
    • Photography type "Selfie" uploaded at the time of registration The partner guarantees that the information and documents provided are true. GoTo reserves the right to suspend or cancel this contract on suspicion of falsified documentation, or incomplete and / or inaccurate information. The member must inform within 15 calendar days of any modification of their data. The suspension or expiration of the driving license must be notified immediately and the member will be suspended from service for the time necessary for the suspension or renewal of the license.

    In the case of having a driving license from a non-EU area, you will be considered a tourist and will be valid for 6 months from the date of the stamp that appears in the passport. It is the member's obligation to facilitate the exchange to GoTo if their stay exceeds 6 months.

    In the event that the user consents to it at the time of registration or later, GoTo will use the information provided by the Partner to be able to evaluate, through statistical methods, the financial risk that the contracting of its services on our part may entail. In the event that this study considers that the risk of non-payment is high, the GoTo may require additional guarantees (a deposit of up to € 399 and which will be returned to the customer upon cancellation) or the impossibility for part of the user to contract the GoTo service.

    You can consult our Privacy Policy to obtain more information about the processing of your personal data for this purpose.


    Once the requested documents have been received and the appropriate checks have been made, in accordance with the provisions of the previous point "1.- CONDITIONS TO REGISTER", GoTo will register the member, to whom it will send a welcome letter with your membership card. member, with the exception of members who have requested in the registration form to use the Madrid Public Transport Card (hereinafter, "TTP") as a means of access to vehicles. This card is personal and non-transferable. The card is the property of GoTo and is assigned a card number. This card will allow the member to open and close the vehicle. In case of loss of the card, the member must immediately notify GoTo for its return.

    Members should always carry the card with them when using GoTo vehicles. The native GoTo applications on the Google Play Store (Android) and Apple Store (IOS) platforms enable the partner to open the vehicles from the same. However, as soon as the remote opening may be compromised for reasons of WIFI / 3G coverage, terminal battery or valid GPS signal, the vehicle cannot be accessed without the card. In case of having a Public Transport Card (TTP), either in the Transport Pass or Multi Card mode, it can be used as a key card instead of the GoTo card.


    1st. In the case of carsharing, A2A service (round trip), each member will access the reserved car using their GoTo card, TTP or from native applications. The vehicle will be returned to the same garage, and will be locked in the same way. During the reservation time and until its return, the member has full custody of the vehicle and is responsible for it during its use. It is mandatory for the member to report all the damage they see on the vehicle at the beginning of the reservation, either through the app or by calling the customer service phone. In case of not reporting damages during the reservation, they may be charged if the subsequent partner communicates it. He is also responsible for the keys (if applicable), the vehicle documentation and all its accessories. The partner can never hold GoTo responsible for accidents, breakdowns, fires, claims,

    2nd. The member must be diligent in the care of the vehicle and its accessories.

    3rd. The member agrees to park the vehicle in a safe place and lock the vehicle. Likewise, any penalty for improper parking will be passed on to the member.

    4th. The member must notify GoTo immediately of the loss of the GoTo or TTP card, as well as of their mobile terminal if they were logged into their account at the time of theft or loss.

    5th. The member must leave the keys (if applicable) and accessories of the vehicle inside the vehicle at all times, even if they make stops on their trip prior to the end of the trip.

    6th. In the case of using a car, the partner must ensure that he uses the fuel suitable for the vehicle. In the event of supplying the wrong fuel to the vehicle, the cost of emptying the tank, cleaning the power circuits and possible replacement of damaged or deteriorated parts will be paid by the member.

    7th. The member must immediately inform GoTo by calling Customer Service (24 hours) of any anomaly or failure (internal or external) that they are aware of with respect to the vehicle. The member agrees not to use the vehicle if it does not present normal safety conditions.

    8th. The partner is responsible for the condition of the vehicle. Any degradation, deterioration or damage suffered by the vehicle (internal and external) during the reservation period will be the responsibility of the member.

    9th. The member will be responsible for the deterioration suffered by one or more tires of the vehicle for reasons other than its normal use. In case of disappearance, the price of the tire will be invoiced to the member immediately after the disappearance.

    10th. The member may not carry out any intervention, work or repair of the vehicle without the prior written consent of GoTo.

    11th. The member will be responsible for all expenses, tolls, fines and taxes derived from the use of the vehicle, as well as for all sums owed for payment of violations of the highway code and other customs legislation that were imposed on the vehicle and / or its drivers. The partner will also be responsible for the customs duties payable on goods that may be found in the vehicle. Likewise, the member must respect the current traffic laws of the population in which he is circulating.

    12th. Members must respect their reservation times and notify GoTo of any delays in advance in order to inform the next user.

    13th. In the case of A2A carsharing (round trip), the member must return the vehicle in the same car park where it was collected before the end of the reservation, and with at least ¼ of the fuel tank, with the headlights and lights off , properly parked and in the parking space reserved for this purpose.

    14th. Smoking is not allowed in the car.

    15th. Drunk driving is not allowed.

    16th. It is forbidden to transport animals in the car.

    17th. GoTo is not responsible for items left behind by members. If said object is recovered by GoTo staff, the maximum term of custody is one month from the date of its recovery. After this period, the company will not be responsible for them, and they will be destroyed.

    In case of not fulfilling these obligations, the partner will have to face the applicable surcharges in accordance with the provisions of stipulation 13, "surcharges". Additionally, GoTo may terminate the contract unilaterally and without notice.

    Members are responsible for all traffic code violations committed by themselves or the vehicle reserved with their account, during the vehicle reservation period.

    In particular, the partners will have to assume the infractions for bad parking, for speeding or for the use of lanes enabled for the exclusive circulation of buses. In addition, they must respect the current traffic regulations of the population through which they circulate.

    The partner must immediately inform GoTo of the existence of the infringement and must pay the competent authorities directly the fine or sanction.

    In the event that GoTo receives notification of the violation directly:

    • GoTo will notify the competent authorities within a period of 10 calendar days of the identity of the driver / infraction
    • Members must at all times notify GoTo of any modification of their data (change of residence, telephone numbers, bank details,) by sending an email to

    The vehicle must be reserved prior to any use through our website, by phone or through the app.

    The member can then use the vehicle during the reservation period.

    The creation, modification or cancellation of reservations can be done:

    • 24 hours a day on the GoTo website and through mobile phones and devices with internet connection, through the GoTo app, entering your personal space with the identifier and passwords.
    • By phone at the Member Service number: 91 506 42 79 The detail of the costs of creation, modification or cancellation, when applicable, are described in stipulation 7 "Service pricing".

    The Vehicle may be used only during the reservation period. The minimum reservation duration is 1 hour.

    Vehicles are assigned respecting the order of reservations: it is possible that there are two people reserving the same vehicle online, in this case, the reservation that reaches the GoTo reservation center will have priority. Vehicle availability is available online, by phone or through the app.

    Reservations extensions are made for fractions of 15 minutes.

    The reservation will include identity information (name, member number), duration (hours or days of desired rental duration) and location (location of the vehicle pick-up and return). Each reservation will have a specific number.

    GoTo reserves the right to verify the identity of the member, and to reject the reservation in case of doubt about their identity.

    GoTo will confirm their reservation with the member by sending an email. Whenever a reservation is made via app, phone or website, the user must verify the correct receipt of our reservation confirmation.

    Modify a reservation:

    Members can cancel or modify a reservation 24 hours a day on the web or in the GoTo applications for IOS and Android, accessing in both cases with their personal identifier and password. A reservation in progress may be extended as long as the vehicle has not been reserved by another member at the end of the initial reservation. A reservation cannot be canceled once the scheduled start time has been reached. If possible in this case, make an early return of the vehicle.


    The member may not lend the vehicle, not even to another member, without obtaining the prior written authorization of GoTo.

    It is only allowed to circulate in the peninsular territory of Spain.

    The member agrees to use the vehicle with due diligence, respecting the normal conditions of use, only on passable roads and complying, at all times, with the conditions and standards required by the Law and the General Traffic Regulations and regulations. applicable municipalities. The member may not assign, sell, mortgage, rent the vehicle or any of its components or accessories or grant a third party any other legal right over it.

    The member may not use or allow the use of the vehicle:

    • For remunerated passenger transport
    • To teach someone else to drive

    The vehicle should never be loaded with excess weight.

    GoTo vehicles may not be used for uses for which they were not designed. The member will be responsible for any incident that may occur due to the incorrect use of the vehicle. Additionally, this circumstance may lead to the loss of coverage by the insurance. Vehicles cannot be used, among others, in the following cases:

    • For the traction of another vehicle or for, starting, pushing, towing or moving in any other way another vehicle in a state of overload
    • To transport dangerous products of any kind
    • For journeys on non-public roads (for example, mountain tracks or speed circuits)
    • In demonstrations, demonstrations or any kind of show
    • It is forbidden to enter "conflictive" areas with the vehicle

    The mileage used to calculate the total amount of the reservation will be the one that appears in the GoTo system, even if it differs from the one shown by the vehicle.


    The GoTo fleet is available to members in the car parks detailed on the GoTo website and in the native apps (Android / IOS). This information may also be obtained by telephone consultation with a reservation manager in the Member Service service. The parking spaces of the vehicles are reserved and unless otherwise indicated by GoTo, the member must return the vehicle in the space where they picked it up.

    Collection of the vehicle and review of the general condition:

    The collection of the vehicle (and its accessories) must be carried out in the parking place indicated in the reservation. For this, it will be necessary to pass the GoTo or TTP Card in front of the reader located on the vehicle's windshield or use the native application for the same purpose. At each collection, and prior to using the vehicle, the member undertakes to verify that all the documents necessary for the vehicle's circulation are found inside the vehicle, that is:

    • Copy of the circulation permit
    • Data sheet
    • Fuel card
    • Parking card

    If the member is missing any of these documents, they must notify GoTo immediately and may not use the vehicle without GoTo's prior consent.

    The member must check the interior and exterior condition of the vehicle by informing GoTo, prior to its use, of any anomaly that is not noted in the app:

    • Damage
    • Doubt about the condition of the vehicle
    • Abnormal dirt
    • Fuel level below ¼ tank

    GoTo will notify the partner of an incident number that must be recorded in the car's log as proof of the communication of the anomaly, releasing the partner from responsibility for said anomaly.

    The member will be responsible for any anomaly (including the lack of documentation) that has not been communicated to GoTo at the time of collection of the vehicle and that exists at the time of its return.

    In case of not being able to access the vehicle due to GoTo's own causes, the company undertakes to offer a solution within 45 minutes (either an alternative vehicle or cancellation of the reservation). GoTo will not be responsible for the damages caused to the client by the inability to access the service for reasons beyond the control of the company.

    GoTo does not undertake to pay for an alternative transport that the member has chosen for not being able to access the reserved vehicle and not having informed GoTo of the incident.

    Vehicle return:

    The end of the reservation period implies the obligation of the member to return the vehicle to its initial parking place. You must turn off the engine, remove the keys from the ignition, leaving them in place (if the vehicle has ignition keys) and check that all the lights are off. To end their session, the member must end the trip from the app. Likewise, the member must close the vehicle doors with the GoTo card, TTP or GoTo app, following the same procedure used to collect them.

    The member must return the vehicle in good working order, and ready for later use by other members, in accordance with the obligations described in stipulation 3, "Membership Obligations".

    The Member must return the vehicle on the date, time and place provided in the reservation. The member who returns a vehicle after the end of its reservation period will have to face the corresponding late fees provided for in stipulation 13, "Surcharges". Likewise, the member who returns the vehicle before the end of its reservation period will have the right to compensation for early return detailed in stipulation 7, "Service pricing".

    GoTo reserves the right to file a complaint against the member if the vehicle is not returned 5 hours after the end of the reservation period and it has not been possible to communicate with the member.


    The prices applicable to the rates are those indicated on the GoTo Website, in the section provided for this purpose and which will be referred to as "Rates" or similar.

    Membership fee:

    In the event that the member has joined GoTo with a rate that has a membership fee associated with it, they must pay the fee corresponding to their chosen Rate Plan, in the periods and amounts that are specified and as expressed on the page GoTo website. GoTo is not obliged to notify the member in advance of the collection of fees, which are automatic payments that the member accepts and accesses its collection through their bank card. Once the monthly payment has been renewed, it will not be possible to claim a refund of the fee in case of cancellation of the service, or in case of rate change.

    Rate for fractions of 15 minutes:

    The rate will be the one indicated at all times in the "Rates" section included on the GoTo website. GoTo reserves the right to modify at any time the rate of its shared car rental service, a modification that will not be applicable to the services that are being provided at the time the aforementioned modification is made.

    The service is billed in 15-minute slots and always taking into account the 15-minute slot where the reservation end time is located (for example: the end time 3:35 pm will be billed until 3:45 pm. ).

    The member through his personal space on the Web or the app may make reservations for up to a maximum of 3 months. For reservations longer than this time, the member must contact GoTo by phone.

    Those reservations for more than 48 hours and less than 5 days will have a deposit of € 200. The reservations longer than 5 days : 300 € deposit. If they book 3 days, when they extend to 5 days, they will be charged € 100 more. Each time they want to extend their long booking, they will be charged for the time they wish to further extend the kilometers traveled up to the time of extension.

    The deposit will be returned at the end of the trip, once the GoTo team has verified that the car has been returned to the parking lot of origin and in the same collection conditions.

    The return of the deposit will be made after the vehicle has been reviewed by the operations department. The estimated time for the return is usually 48-72 hours once the reservation has been completed.

    Vehicle return pricing:

    • The amount associated with the time between the anticipated return of the vehicle and the end of the reservation period will be returned provided that the time is greater than 1 hour, and in full fractions of hours.
    • In case of returning the vehicle after the time specified in the reservation, and not having notified GoTo of the extension of the same at least 30 minutes before its end, the member must pay a surcharge of € 0.50 (VAT included) per minute. It is possible to cancel the total of a reservation or reduce its duration, without any cost 6 hours before its start *. In case of canceling / reducing the reservation with less than 6 hours in advance, a charge of 25% of the amount of the time canceled will be made or 50% in case it is made less than one hour before the start of the same.

    Reservation reductions made less than one hour before the start, will have a full charge of the first hour of the reservation and 50% of the rest of the hours.

    * In the case of reservations of more than one day, the previous rules only apply to the first 24 hours and the rest will be free.

    Kilometric rate:

    The mileage taken into account results from the calculation made by the GPS installed in the car and which communicates with our Commercial Management System.

    Rate for creating, modifying or extending a reservation.

    • No cost when done from or from the GoTo app (Access by personal identifier and passwords)
    • By phone: There is a charge of € 1, VAT included from 07:00 to 22:59 and € 5 from 23:00 to 06:59

    Choice and / or modi fi cation of rate plan:

    At the time of registration, the member will choose the plan that best suits their mobility needs. A change of plan will imply the immediate payment of the fee of the new chosen rate. In the event that the new plan does not have an associated fee, the cost from the second change will be € 10.

    If there is a pending amount, it will not be possible to modify the contracted rate.



    The hourly rate applicable at all times includes the vehicle's fuel, which will be assumed by GoTo as long as the member uses the fuel card made available in the vehicle to fill the tank.

    The fuel cards made available to members by GoTo are from Cepsa: CEPSA card, valid exclusively at Cepsa and BP service stations.

    Said card may not be used for a vehicle other than the one reserved with GoTo or for any other type of use, purchase, payment or refueling that is not exclusively refueling in the vehicle that has been reserved and whose card is inside the same.

    In case of mistakenly refueling at a service station outside the indicated stations or not using the fuel card made available to the Member, GoTo will reimburse the member in the form of uses in GoTo for the fuel costs, presenting the corresponding invoice with the GoTo's name and VAT number. This management will have a surcharge described in stipulation 13.

    Members who return the vehicle with less than a quarter (¼) of the deposit, must pay as a penalty the detailed surcharge for this concept in stipulation 13, "Surcharges".

    In the event of fraudulent use by a member of the fuel card provided by GoTo, the latter may terminate the contract. In any case, the member must bear the unjustified fuel expense and compensate GoTo for any damage or loss derived from the fraudulent use of the card.

    The member must immediately notify the Member Service of the loss of the fuel card. In any case, the loss will imply the application of the detailed surcharge for this concept in stipulation 13, "Surcharges".

    Minor expenses:

    Any expense of less than € 15 that the member has had to pay for the ordinary maintenance of the reserved vehicle (for example: antifreeze liquid, oil, tire inflation, etc.) may be reimbursed as long as the member presents the invoice proving the expense along with your name and surname, membership number, reservation number.

    The invoice must be payable to Goto Global Mobility Spain SL, B88612551, Carrera de San Jerónimo, 17, First floor left. 28014 Madrid, Spain and it will be sent by email to, specifying the reservation identifier in the subject.

    The minor expenses that the member has incurred fraudulently or unjustifiably will not be reimbursed by GoTo, which may also terminate the contract.

    Other expenses:

    The partner must bear the following expenses:

    • All those necessary for the repair or replacement of the vehicle (or one of its accessories) in case of loss, damage, degradation, or deterioration arising from the breach by the partner of the conditions of the contract, will be subject to compensation in the terms of the stipulation 14, "Surcharges"
    • All those derived from infractions, fines or sanctions for which the member is responsible during the use of the GoTo vehicle
    • Any other damage or loss derived from the breach by the partner of the terms of this contract
    • Those derived from claim procedures and recovery of amounts owed by the partner to GoTo under the partner agreement (including administrative, banking and / or legal expenses).

    The information of each reservation made can be consulted in the partner area, within GoTo, where it is detailed:

    • Number of the reservation made.
    • Rented vehicle model.
    • Date and time of beginning and end of the reservation.
    • Address of the parking lot where the reservation is made.
    • Total cost of the reservation.

    GoTo will issue the Partner a monthly invoice, which will indicate the amounts corresponding to the services provided by GoTo during the current month.

    GoTo charges a card verification fee that will be refunded. If the charge is rejected on more than two occasions, GoTo may request an additional guarantee that will be returned when it is canceled. To avoid the recurrence of non-payment of your reservations, you may request an additional guarantee that will be returned when you cancel.

    Way to pay:

    The member accepts the payments derived from his reservations that will be charged to his bank card provided by him in his membership registration. Additionally, the member accepts the charge on his bank card of the fees corresponding to his Rate Plan automatically and without the need for additional notification. Likewise, the Member accepts the payments derived from "Additional Expenses" and "Surcharges", applicable by virtue of points 8 and 13 of these General Conditions, respectively. Payments derived from the reservation periods used by a member will be made by credit or debit card. The member undertakes to keep their personal data updated, including the data of their means of payment.

    Exceptionally, and only for partners who are companies, it may be charged through another means of payment agreed between the Partner and GoTo.

    GoTo reserves the right to request an additional prepayment or deposit for future reservations in those cases where payment by bank card has been automatically rejected.

    The member authorizes GoTo to keep the number of his credit card that he provided when registering. The information provided will be archived on an audited server with a PCI DSS certificate to prevent the publication or unauthorized use of credit card information and to protect the confidentiality of your personal information. At the time of registration, the validity of the card will be verified by making a charge of € 1 that will be automatically reimbursed to the member.

    Once the Member's reservation regarding the Shared Vehicle Rental Service is completed, GoTo will charge the corresponding amounts on the debit / credit card provided by the Member (including those derived from "Additional Expenses" and "Surcharges" established in these Conditions), the payment of said amounts being required from the moment GoTo had provided the Service to the Member. In the event that the charge has not been made effective (for example: if it is rejected due to lack of balance in the account associated with the Member's credit / debit card), GoTo may inform the Member about the lack of payment by indicating the instructions to proceed to it. In the event that, after one month since the payment due by the Member had not been made, GoTo reserves the right to apply default interest, corresponding to the legal interest, on the amounts owed. Likewise, once said period of one month has expired without the Member having corrected the default situation, GoTo reserves the right to initiate the procedures for the inclusion of the Member in the ASNEF file, by virtue of the debt that it maintains with GoTo until the date; prior notification to the Partner.

    Any declined payment by the Partner's debit / credit card will empower GoTo to suspend access to its carpool rental service until a new valid card is provided. In the event that the Member does not proceed to payment within the established period, as indicated in the communication from GoTo, it reserves the right to terminate the contract unilaterally and without notice. In the event of non-compliance by the Partner (either of its legal obligations or of those derived from these General Conditions), GoTo having duly provided its services under these General Conditions, GoTo reserves the right to claim from the Partner the expenses in which incurred as a result of its non-compliance, including claim expenses, without prejudice to the corresponding damages.


    GoTo vehicles are protected by insurance, which covers, among others, the compulsory underwriting civil liability and driver's insurance and personal injury.

    Members may benefit from the coverage of said insurance as long as they comply with and respect all the obligations assumed in this contract and those established in the Highway Code, and other legislation applicable to the use of motor vehicles. Additionally, the limitations and exclusions provided in the insurance policy that each member can consult by contacting the GoTo office will be applicable and, therefore, enforceable to the member. By way of example, damages to the vehicle will not be covered when the member drives under the influence of alcohol or narcotic substances.

    Regarding the coverage of own damages there are two modalities:

    1. Basic mode included in the GoTo hourly rate: This mode includes a € 499 franchise that must be fully assumed by the member in the event of a claim for which they are responsible. This modality has no hiring cost
    2. Relax mode with deductible reduction up to € 99:

    This modality has an annual cost of € 59.99 (VAT included) from the date of its contract and has an automatic renewal unless it is notified in writing one month before expiration. In the event of a claim covered by own damage coverage for which the member is responsible, the member would pay a maximum of € 99 per party. GoTo is not responsible for annually advising the renewal of this insurance.

  11. The annuity will be computed from the date of hiring. In case of exceeding € 1000 in a given annuity, GoTo reserves the right to automatically restore the standard Franchise of € 499 to the member in subsequent claims for having exceeded a high volume of claims.

    The application of any of the franchise reduction modalities will be conditional on the existence of a claim that is covered by the coverage of own damages and is not framed in any of the coverage exclusions provided in the policy, in which case the member will respond against GoTo for all damages caused to the vehicle.

    For damages that require a repair for an amount less than the franchise, only the amount of the repair will be billed to the member and, upon request of the member, GoTo will make available the budget prepared by the workshop for the repair of the damage caused. GoTo will have full freedom to carry out the repair of the vehicle when it deems it necessary and in accordance with the car reservation schedule.

    The insurance will not cover the damage caused to the member by the theft of personal belongings forgotten inside the vehicle.

    The insurance policy will not cover tire damage. The partners will be fully responsible for the repair costs of the latter.

    Likewise, the member will be fully responsible for all damages caused voluntarily or by his negligence to the vehicle or the equipment installed on board (computer equipment, in particular).

    For the repair of its vehicles, GoTo reserves the right to use exclusively repair shops accredited by the vehicle manufacturer.

    The member must respond at all times during the period of immobilization of the vehicle while it is being repaired in the workshop. The cost per day for immobilization is stipulated in the surcharges section. None of the insurance modalities exempts the member from paying the immobilization while the vehicle is being repaired. In no case will the cost of immobilization exceed 4 days.

    Failure to comply with one of the conditions of use described in these conditions will entitle GoTo to unilaterally suspend or terminate the contract with the partner without notice.

    The insurance does not cover, in any case, the damages produced as a result of driving the vehicles in conditions not admitted in the Highway Code, amounts of fines or those damages in which the driver is a different person than the one who had reserved the vehicle. In all these cases, the partner, whether or not he is the driver, will be responsible for all damage to the vehicle.

    The insurance does not cover punctures, tire and rim breaks not due to their wear. No breakdowns caused by blows to the underbody, damage caused by water and mud, a consequence of using the vehicle on terrain for which it is not prepared. Nor damage to the upholstery not due to normal wear and tear.

    The insurance does not cover the loss of original documentation, keys, jack, tools, spare wheel, set of triangles and any vehicle equipment.

    In the event of an accident, the amount of the franchise will be charged until the condition of the vehicle is checked and the claim is made to the opposite company.

    If the member wishes to cancel the insurance in the Franchise Reduction mode, they must notify in writing with one month's notice to avoid its renewal. Otherwise, the refund of said insurance will not be made.


    In case of breakdown:

    If during the reservation period, a problem or anomaly is detected that prevents or limits the normal operation or use of the vehicle, or that could compromise the safety of people, the member must immediately park the vehicle. Any damage or breakdown must be notified to GoTo within a maximum period of 5 hours; otherwise GoTo reserves the right to cancel the insurance policy contracted. The member must contact the GoTo Helpline at 662 966 388 to benefit from the roadside assistance provided by the insurer. Excluded from these benefits are the costs derived from changing the wheel, error in filling the fuel tank, loss of card and key, card locked in the vehicle, lost or forgotten objects in the vehicle. Said expenses must be fully assumed by the member. GoTo will provide the partner with towing assistance whenever the breakdown or puncture requires it. In the event that the breakdown is due to a vehicle without a battery or a puncture, caused by the misuse of the member, the member must pay the tow truck assistance costs stipulated in the Surcharges section.

    Helping another vehicle to start is strictly prohibited, whether or not the vehicle is part of the GoTo fleet.

    In the event of a breakdown declared and accepted as such by GoTo, the reservation will remain in force, without any delay surcharge, until the vehicle is delivered to the service or repair shop.

    In the event of an accident, the partner agrees to:

    • Put on the safety vest before leaving the vehicle, if security and emergency conditions allow it
    • Adopt the necessary measures to avoid the occurrence of another accident and make use of the signaling triangle to protect the vehicle and guarantee the safety of all.
    • Likewise, the partner must immediately inform the emergency services (police, civil guard, emergency and rescue service) if someone is injured.
    • Inform GoTo as soon as possible (within a maximum period of 5 hours) of the accident and any intervention of the emergency services as a consequence of the Failure to inform GoTo within the established period, the selected insurance will be canceled
    • Write and send to GoTo an accident report, even in the event of only material damage, detailing the circumstances of the accident, its causes and, if possible, the names and addresses of the persons in an understandable and detailed manner injured or causing the accident and witnesses. The accident report will be sent as an image to the email . The subject of the email will be the issue number provided by GoTo. Notwithstanding the accident report, the member is obliged to communicate by telephone on 915064279 the description of the accident at the time of the accident. On this phone you will be notified of the reference number to be recorded in the car diary and the email subject. The physical copy of the part will be kept in the glove compartment
    • Provide any additional information that is requested by GoTo in relation to the circumstances of the claim (photographs, etc.)
    • Collaborate with GoTo Insurance in all that is necessary and provide complete and accurate information about the accident
    In the event of theft:

    The member agrees to inform GoTo and report the theft of the vehicle to the Police or Civil Guard within 5 hours of becoming aware of it. This obligation will also apply in the event of theft that does not involve the disappearance of the vehicle. This report must be delivered to GoTo within a maximum period of 24 hours from the date of the complaint. Failure to comply with this obligation will imply non-coverage of the theft by the insurance and the consequent obligation of the member to face the damages suffered by GoTo as a result of said breach.


    The GoTo carpool rental service does not establish any permanence obligation. For this reason, the Partner may terminate the contract by notifying GoTo in writing, by mail or email, or in person at the GoTo offices 15 days in advance to avoid automatic renewal of the fee. GoTo may temporarily suspend the use of the vehicles by the partner or terminate the contract, without prior notice, if the partner breaches any of the contractual conditions, or will register a high accident rate. In this case, the member's card will be immediately deactivated without the member being able to request any compensation.

    It will not be possible to suspend the contract if there are pending charges.

    There is no right of Withdrawal as it is a service contract according to article 101, 97.1.i) and 103 of Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007, of November 16, which approves the revised text of the General Law for the Defense of Consumers and Users.

    All users must notify the withdrawal, 15 days in advance to avoid billing the new installment for the following month.


    The following are the surcharges applicable to the Member for breach of the obligations, conditions and rules established in these General Conditions in relation to the use of the vehicles and shared vehicle rental services.

    • Reservation or modification: By phone from 07:00 to 22:59: € 1
    • By phone from 23:00 to 06:59: € 5 (modifications only)
    • In GoTo web or app (IOS and Android): free
    • Cancellation of a reservation: It is possible to cancel the total of a reservation or reduce its duration, without any cost 6 hours before its start *. In case of canceling / reducing the reservation with less than 6 hours in advance, a charge of 25% of the amount of the time canceled will be made or 50% if it is made less than one hour before the start of the reservation . Reservation reductions made less than one hour before the start, will have a full charge of the first hour of the reservation and 50% of the rest of the hours. In the case of reservations of more than one day, the above rules only apply to the first 24 hours and the rest will be free of charge
    • Retro of the vehicle: Without having warned GoTo with at the least 30 minutes in advance: Your rate plan + 0.50 € (VAT included) minute
    • Return of the car:
    • With less than ¼ deposit: € 50
    • With the headlights on: € 50
    • In inadequate cleaning conditions Without the required closing of doors: € 50
    • In parking lot other than pick up: € 50 + towing costs
    • Without leaving the keys inside the vehicle: € 50
    • With the keys in the vehicle ignition: 5
    • Other surcharges:
    • Smoking in the car: € 50
    • Drunk driving: € 500
    • Battery discharge due to bad use of the member: € 50
    • It is forbidden to travel with animals in the vehicle
    • Extraordinary cleaning of abnormal dirt: depending on the case
    • Loss of car keys: € 200
    • Loss of removable GPS: € 150
    • Unlocking the vehicle due to loss of the GoTo card during the reservation: € 5
    • No communication of an accident: € 150
    • GoTo card loss: € 5
    • Loss or disablement of the parking card: € 15
    • Loss of fuel card: € 75
    • Administrative fine management: € 13
    • Administrative treatment of unpaid receipts / charges: € 20
    • Driver not authorized by GoTo: € 100
    • Vehicle immobilization (maximum 4 days): € 60 / day
    • Remove GoTo branded vinyls from the car: € 150
    • Refueling by mistake at a gas station other than Cepsa or BP: € 5
    • Unauthorized use of Cepsa card: 3 times the amount charged.
    • Shipping of crane outside the assistance included in the insurance: € 110
    • Immobilization of vehicle by the authorities due to negligence of the partner: € 150
    • Taking by mistake entrance ticket to the parking: full amount of the same
    • Refueling with a fuel other than that indicated for the vehicle used: GoTo will pass on to the Member all the expenses derived from the repair of the damages suffered by the vehicle.
    • Clutch breakage: € 500 for the repair of this

    In accordance with the evolution and technical needs of the service, GoTo may introduce modifications in its General Conditions and in the rules of use of the vehicles.

    GoTo reserves the right to adapt or modify these General Conditions at any time.

    Said modifications will be communicated with due notice to the partners.

    As of the date on which a modification of the General Conditions has been made, the new version may be consulted and downloaded by the partners on the GoTo website . The new general conditions will only be applicable to reservations made after the modification of said conditions.


    Members may submit complaints and claims about the GoTo shared car rental service by email to the address or in writing to the attention of

    the Member Attention Service GoTo: Carrera de San Jerónimo, 17, First floor left. 28014 Madrid, Spain.


    If any stipulation of the partner contract is declared, totally or partially, null and ineffective, such nullity or ineffectiveness will affect only said stipulation or the part of it that is null or ineffective, the Partner contract subsisting in everything else, having such a stipulation, or the part of it that is null and void, due to not being placed.

    The Partner contract will be governed by Spanish law. All controversy litigation that derives, directly or indirectly, from the partner contract, including questions related to its existence, validity, effectiveness, interpretation, compliance or resolution, will be submitted to the jurisdiction of the Courts and Tribunals corresponding to the user's domicile.