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Meet Zach Bergerson, General Manager, GoTo Malta
Zach Bergerson, General Manager, GoTo Malta
It's time to meet Zach! Our General Manager of GoTo Malta. Before joining GoTeam, Zach worked as Head of Operations at the digital and logistics company, Quicargo. He studied extensively and holds a BA in Management and Economics and an MBA from the Open University of Israel. Zach has decades of experience in top roles in both management and entrepreneurship, across the globe.

What inspired you to follow this career path?

I have always found myself thriving in start-up environments; there's a great need to push ideas forward and remain agile. Despite being in a management role, I believe the experience climbing up the career ladder has enabled me to remain hands-on with the team and involved with the day-to-day workload.

Being at GoTo enables me to focus my experience and channel my energies into a subject I feel passionate about, mobility. I firmly believe we need to transform the way we move and shake up the transportation sector. Shared economy solutions such as GoTo have a crucial role here, and fortunately my vision goes hand in hand with that of GoTo.

How do you travel around?

Naturally, it depends on the length of the trip. Where I can, I will walk, such as to work, alternatively I will use a shared scooter. However, I will opt for a GoTo car for those urgent business meetings across the islands!

In your first 90 days as Malta General Manager, you have managed to reach a dramatic operational improvement. How did you achieve this, and what are your top 3 tips for running a successful mobility operation?

First and foremost, I would say it's always crucial never to lose touch with the customer perspectives. Make sure you use the products on offer and remain human. Engage with your target audience and know the company and the product inside out.

Secondly, my advice relates more to the team, listening to employees and encouraging them to listen to one another; and ensure you provide a positive working atmosphere for your team to bring ideas and suggestions forward without fear, judgment, or retaliation.

Thirdly, I would suggest making the most of available data. Harnessing the power of real time statistics enables us to optimize fleet operations and make data-driven decisions.

How did the GoTo story begin in Malta?

In 2018, we pioneered the local market with Malta's first electric car-sharing service. Later we added round trip cars for longer trips and electric mopeds to cover shorter, faster trips within the city. So today, here in Malta, we manage one of the biggest multimodal shared mobility fleets available in Europe.

The key advantage of it is, that customers (like myself) can choose different mobility modes depending on their changing needs and circumstances (e.g. cars when going to the city of Valetta that has parking challenges, or scooters when you need to cut traffic, or a round trip car when planning a Gozo getaway). There’s really something to suit everybody.

It's GoTo's third year in Malta. How do you see the service and usage progressing in the next 2-3 years?

Following the increased demand for our services, I anticipate that GoTo will increase its fleet size considerably. People are more conscious than ever about mobility options. I envisage GoTo will become a daily means of transportation for thousands of people across the island and continue to break boundaries and shift misconceptions.