Why GoTo

Meet Roberta Cassar Bernard, One Of The Great Women Driving GoTo

What's your role at GoTo?
I am the Assistant Operations Manager for GoTo based in Malta.

What was your professional journey before GoTo?
I started my career at HSBC in Malta, I joined as a customer service agent and quickly rose through the ranks becoming a team leader and then a team manager. I spent 12 years at HSBC working with global customers, then I made the switch to startups which is a totally different business environment. I joined GoTo almost 2 years ago, and it's been great. I went from a very rigid environment to a place where you can be more creative and make decisions on the spot, because people trust you. It's a more fast-paced environment, and I love it.

What about life beyond work – can you share some interesting facts about you?
I'm a crazy cat lady, and I own it! I take care of kittens until they get adopted, and those that don't find a family get to stay with me. I have 7 at the moment, and they're all good. It helps if you have an understanding partner and son, which I do. If you have good balance in your life, it makes everything so much easier – both at home and at work.
What's your favorite mode of transportation and why?
I love being driven. I love the electric Renault Zoes at GoTo - they're so agile and responsive and they're eco-friendly whilst still giving you the power when you need it. We don't have many big roads in Malta, and so the Zoes are perfect for here.

What does equality mean to you?
It means not having to worry about being too feminine or too strong or too soft. It's just being who you are, regardless of your gender. I believe you should just look at a person and see what they have to offer - it's not about male/female. Equality is also about being free to express yourself without being told you're acting a certain way because of your gender.

What is the main challenge you face as a woman in the professional world?
I've been lucky, I haven't faced any type of barriers for being a woman. Even in the transportation industry, dealing with external companies and the government, I've never encountered any problems, thankfully.

Do you have any tips for women trying to make it in an organization?
Don't be afraid, don't limit yourself. Go for what you want, even if it doesn't makes sense to the people around you – if it makes sense to you, that's all that matters.

What do you think is the role of shared mobility in the equality landscape?
It gives people freedom. It's so important to be mobile – to be able to get up and go when you need to, whether it's taking your kids to school or going shopping. Car ownership is huge burden for many – so shared mobility gives you all those benefits without having the need to own a vehicle and bearing all the costs that that entails. I was a single mother and didn't drive for the first 3 years. I then however was compelled to start driving as I wanted my son to go to a specific school and I had no other means with which to get him there. Car sharing wasn't around at the time and taking a loan for a new car was a big burden. Had shared mobility been a reality back then, it would have given me the freedom to pay for what I needed without making any large commitments.

Why are you excited to be at GoTo?

I love the people I work with. I just love the journey we're on, we're growing in Spain and globally, and I love the support and network we have with people in other countries. I love sharing best practices with others - I love that environment.